I will start out Saying that in my Case it came TRUE.

In May of 2018 I realized that I was dying, and I knew what it was!

Going back to age 7 I Saw little white Worms, now labeled Pin Worms coming out of me as I sat on the toilet, and quickly ran to my mother and Said "Look"!!! She Said "Oh" "Those will go away" So I dismissed it. As the years came and went I began to feel sick in many different ways. About every 5 years, something in my body went haywire, nothing in my brain said this was normal and that everyone becomes ill at some point in their lives. So, you go to the Dr and Fix the problem Somehow as to go on with life.

To back up to age 7 and living with Grandparent's at the time, we all decided to go to the CABIN which my grandfather had just purchased. It had a well and the first thing he did was have the water tested. He Came to my Grandmother and Said "it's good". We were happy to hear that. Shortly thereafter Something happened. My Urine was burning me upon release and I began to Scream. It burned so bad that I was shaking, Screaming, and gripping my Grand Mother's hand.

She flagged my Grandfather and Said "Something is terribly wrong with her". This went on for about a week and getting worse. Suddenly I became paralyzed from the waist to my neck with my entire torso up to my neck as HARD as a rock. My Grandfather Said, "we are taking her to the children's hospital in Minneapolis". I had to lay down in the back seat of the Car while they drove me to what I hoped would be a cure. This took place in 1961. The Dr's claimed that they only heard of one other case like this in another State. So, my Grand parents got a room nearby and Stayed by my Side for, approximately what turned out to be a 2 week Stay. I laid in bed and began to wonder what will happen next? Needless to say, my grandfather talked to the Dr's and they decided to document me. So, they did. The label assigned to this case was Sclardema as my grandmother called it or Sclaraderma, the documentation is not clear being so long ago. It was labeled No Known Cure!

Now keeping all that in mind I began to improve. Nothing was done other than a tissue Sample taken out of my neck and now and only now do I understand why this was done!

My belief is that they did know what was wrong but could not say due to the fact that there was no real cure at that time. Upon departure from the hospital, the Dr made a statement to all of us that "This issue may Come back in her teens".

My thought about this Statement made at that time and all through my adult life was this, If they don't know truly what this is and have no data relating to this issue and no cure how can a Statement be made "IT May Come Back In Her Teens" How do they even guess it may Come back in her teens if they don't know what it is? that was the BIG Question that stayed in my mind my entire life.

So, we now resume where we left off.

Going through life I would say I was on a mission to find real Love, Marry and have children. Nothing wrong with that most of you will say, but wait! I didn't get a cure for that disease I had or do I Still really have it.

Well, I can't be thinking of that now and let it consume my life. I want to live as normal of a life that I possibly can. So, I went on.

I was never satisfied being ordinary or fitting into a So-called mold. It was my destiny to make my life incredible even when everything in place seemed against me.

I found myself to have a great amount of empathy for all people, especially Children that were disadvantaged as I was with my true parents, but we won't go into that now.

My life with my grandparents was incredibly Significant in its own right, and I will never forget how wonderful they were to me.

So now we're going to Jump ahead to age 63. I'm Living in Minneapolis, MN in hopes to find the answers to this Great Issue. I became increasingly Sicker, tired, and disappointed as to how life Stopped. Suddenly I started bleeding through the rectum and my food was coming up in balls. This is the beginning of the end of my life. Through the years I never forgot the incident with the Pin Worms at age 7, and I kept that at the forefront of my Investigation into what was going wrong. So Quickly, I had to get help. I was turned away by several avenues of different Specialists to See if I could get a Confirmation on my suspicions.

After several attempts to find a qualified Dr with no success and trips to the hospital again with no Success and of course many stool samples and MRI'S all coming back negative, I realized that something is not making sense. My Grandmother always said If something doesn't make sense, It's Nonsense.. She would never go to the Dr. and lived to be 93.

So now I'm at my wits end. What do I do now, my regular Dr had long left my clinic and I could not locate him.

But there was a Dr. I had seen occasionally, and she was pleasant.

Prior to seeing her I had to think about this. I've heard that there is medicine to kill or lesson the problem I've carried so long but had no idea how it worked or what would happen.

I decided to go with the true occurrence that happened 2 years prior of eating Dungeness crab. I had 2 over a 2-week period.

A month after that Suddenly it came on the News Channel that no one Should eat Dungeness crab.

I'm thinking "OH NO" "I ate two" so that is what I went with even though I believed that I always was Infected.

Its now in the month of May 2018

So here we go. I made an appointment with the pleasant DR. and told her of my desperate Concerns and she listened. I brought in my own Sample since I could not produce one on the spot.

I told her I ate the infected CRAB not knowing it at that time it was Infected.

I told her that I believed that I was infected to the point the illness had taken me over completely. She agreed to treat me and said I'm going to cure you. I cried and shook her hand and said thank you. I was so grateful to hear that. She went to the computer and keyed in 2 words, I later found out, KILL WORMS.

So, then the RX came back


made by Glaxo, Smith & Kline.

So, I took 200mg (2 pills)- 100mg each

7 Days Went by nothing happening. Still Sick

So, I went back and she repeated it again per my request approximately 3-4 days later I started to see the illness at its worst.

I realized I nailed this and decided that I will ask for another dose and stated to her that I want to make sure they are all DEAD.

She agreed this time I was given 1 pill Totaling the 200mg Dose. I was now purifying my entire system. Trillions of Eggs Then Trillions of Pin Worms then Various unidentified others and finally the TapeWorms.

To Sum-up I took 4-100mg tablets and I 200mg tablet totaling 600mg consisting of. (5-propythio) -2-benzimidazole Carbamate, Its Molecular formula is C12 H15 N3 O2 S. The Albendazole may induce its. own Metabolism.

To Research this Incredible find I first went to "Parasites in the human body" and discovered all humans have parasites of many types.

After Studying this area, I went to another website " Types of parasitical infections". To my Astonishment I Found a name of a disease most closely related to My own and its name is "Neurocysticercosis"

Again, remember I was diagnosed in 1961, Albenza didn't come out and become available until 1975. So why hasn't it been Studied more over a period of 45 years? I'll Leave that Question to your own wisdom.

I realized that I have lived my entire life Sick. Depression throughout my entire life. Various Medications, Anxiety Pills RXsleep pills for Insomnia. Then even Neuropathy at the end, so intense that I couldn't feel my feet.

One by One I discarded these in the garbage. I asked myself the question, "Do You need this?" My Clean Clear BRAIN Said NO!

I no longer take any of these designs and chemicals for these Symptoms because the Symptoms were gone!

The Parasites were buried in the matrix of the tissue, the Glands, Brain, the organs, the ocular area, ears, and every place including the bloodstream that you can imagine.

To Understand more in-depth, someone interested in having a better understanding of this devastating condition would be to go to 1st "Parasites in the human body". There are different degrees of infestation and after careful study, a common person can make sense of it all.

To Sum up, the events that brought me to this conclusion are documented and Solidly in place.

So, climb to the top of the Pyramid with a Positive Optimistic Outlook on life and join us to celebrate this great discovery. I believe this is a movement to bring all people to IMPURIALISTIC HEALTH. I HAVE NEVER FELT SO HAPPY AND HEALTHY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Please Support us all by purchasing and wearing our all-inspired Tee Shirts named "Kum Ba Ya" the long-time Known song of celebration, Happy Healthy, Wealthy and wise.

Your Support will go to furthering our Studies, Education, Employment, and goodwill to peoples around the World.

Thank you
Crystal Born
MARCH 12, 2021

It is now time to report the results achieved with the taking of the product ALBENZA.
The first noticeable change was the fingernails. The nails became hard as a rock. Ive always had very soft nails,so much so that u could bend them and peel them off.
Secondly, the skin all over the body became smooth incredibly soft, shining and free of imperfections, such as moles, protruding veins and any spots that were visibly noticeable will fade down to their lowest level and some will totally disappear.
Next the most important, THE BRAIN. The cleansing of the most important organ of the body. i went through 3 panic attacks. Ive never experienced this in my life, but knew immediately that this is what it was. The parasites in the brain tissue wash out of your body through the circulatory system as do all chemicals that are put in to our food supply through the processing of these products. The medications taken to alleviate symptoms of different illnesses will also wash out from the tissue. Since man kind has been a meat eater and gatherer from the moment he walked on earth it is quite understandable why there is so much sickness on this planet.

The parasites love the glands and some make that their home. understanding this explains why we have breakdowns of say the thyroid gland, the tonsills, an the adrenal gland just to name a few.
I want to discuss meat for a moment. When a person eats meat your eating virtually what that animal eats. Whatever is in the tissue of that animal and the lineage of that creature you are eating. THINK ABOUT THAT.
Most of us are not using are full mental potential. I now can say after going through the purification process that my brain is at its highest level.

I believe now that understanding this has opened my inner vision to the fact that it is safer to forgo the meat and fill up on vegetables, fruits and grains. If you must eat meat limit yourself to 4 to 6 ounces per day and also be careful with dairy. There are many substitute products that you can use.
Now lets move on to weight. Most important you will lose weight so that it will balance out to your height. There has never been so much obesity. Try to purchase organic or kosher whenever possible.
In the uptake of the ALBENZA you are now creating new DNA AND A NEW METABOLISM. Its like being REBORN AGAIN.I felt approximately 15 to 20 years younger which was astounding.
In my opinion studying this product for 4 years and being the user of it is a chapter in my life that gets the HIGHEST GOLD STAR. I BELIEVE IT TO BE THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.

Anyone wishing to consult with myself concerning the taking of the product can contact me through the web site. When taking the ALBENZA it is important to have a program in place and have regular visits with your physician so you can be monitored for your ongoing results.

JANUARY 31, 2021